JHS PTSA Legislative Advocacy 2019/2020 



Did you know that the Washington State PTA has a Legislative Platform, a lobbyist, and actively works to make changes with our elected officials in Olympia? The State PTA's Top 5 Legislative Priorities for 2019 are:


  • Social and Emotional  Learning
  • School Construction and Simple Majority for Bonds
  • Prevent Gun Violence
  • Strategies to Address the Teacher Shortage
  • Strategic K-12 Investments to Close Gaps


The PTSA also provides an opportunity to get involved with Legislative Advocacy at the District level. This year, the Lake Washington PTSA Council is hosting a Focus Day in Olympia on January 20th (MLK Day). PTSA members are welcome and encouraged to join us, and students are invited as well. To learn more, and to sign up for a seat on the LWPTSA bus to Olympia, please visit their website (http://www.lwptsa.net/2019/focus-day-bus/).  If you are interested in learning more about local or state advocacy, feel free to contact Kristen Dorwin (kdorwin@gmail.com), one of JHS's advocacy reps. 





Voter's Guide for Legislative Assemblyhttps://www.wastatepta.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/2019-Legislative-Assembly-Voter-Guide-FINAL.pdf


Survey for Legislative Assembly (due by Oct 25, 2019)https://www.wastatepta.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/2019-WSPTA-Legislative-Principles-Issues-and-Resolutions-Survey-FINAL.pdf



Elected Officials of note: 


Upcoming Election, November 5, 2019: 

  • City of Kirkland, Council positions 2,4,5,6 (Kirkland Reporter livestreamed a recent City Council Candidate Forum on their Facebook page)
  • Lake WA School Board positions 1,2,5 (5 is the only position with more than one candidate)

Register to Vote

  • Online and mail-in forms due by October 28th
  • Register in person up through election day (November 5th)


Items of Interest: 

  • LWSD is looking for participants for a facilities advisory committee (https://www.lwsd.org/get-involved/standing-committees/facility-advisory-committee). Apply by 10/25/19
  • The LWSD Board voted on 10/7 to adopt their proposed Legislative Platform for 2020. It includes:
    • Funding special education programs and services
    • social and emotional learning (address funding – a lot is funded by levies, as the current prototypical schools model needs an update and is not providing enough funding)
    • school construction funding
    • simple majority for school bonds
    • school employees benefits board (outstanding issues such as unfunded costs, coverage for subs etc)
  • Lake Washington Citizens Levy Committee does not have any current info on their website.


2019 WA PTSA Legislative Assembly

  • October 26-27 in Bellevue, voting delegates must be authorized by 10/20 (“A voting delegate will not be able to vote for both a local PTA and a council. Each individual is allowed to represent only one PTA. If the WSPTA office receives a duplicate name, we will let both the local PTA and the council know.”)
  • Organizers have provided a survey and voter’s guide for delegates to share with their PTSA.