Juanita High School PTSA

Juanita High School Parent Emergency Information

Student Release

Below is very important information that you need to know. Please review it and make sure anyone authorized to pick up your students is familiar with it. After any type of emergency where the students and staff have had to evacuate the building and cannot return to inside, the following procedures will be in place. If it is a severe emergency then most likely volunteers will be needed. Please stay calm and bring your patience. Watch what you say so as to not make students more anxious.

Getting to School After an Emergency

  1. WAIT FOR 1 HOUR. If it's a city-wide emergency, it may be safest for you to stay where you are. The roads may be damaged, power lines may be down. Please use your judgment to be safe.
  3. Our school has a complete plan for caring for the students so you do not need to get to the school immediately.
  4. Emergency vehicles may limit your access to the school.
  5. If you live close, please walk. Traffic will be congested.
  6. If you drive, please be courteous, park in a parking lot.

You have 2 options when arriving at school:

  1. Pick up your student and leave campus
  2. Stay and volunteer on campus if you are already on LWSD general volunteer list

If you arrive before things are set up, please be patient until we are ready. It is VERY important you DO NOT leave without signing out your student.

1. Student Pick-Up Procedure

  • Go to Information area near Front Office to find the Parent Check In Station
  • Fill out Student Release Form for each student you pick up
  • Staff will verify your authorization for the student(s) you request
  • A runner will be sent to get your student(s)
  • Move to Release Gate (staff will direct you), sign out student(s)

2. Volunteering Procedure

  • Volunteers can help out (must already be on LWSD general volunteer list)
  • Go to the Information area to find the volunteer area
  • Get signed in, get a name tag, and be assigned a job/area
  • When you are done volunteering go to the Student Pick Up area to sign out your student