Juanita High School PTSA

Welcome to JHS PTSA 2018-19

You do not need to be a paid PTSA Member in order to purchase PTSA items such as:

  • PTSA Membership
  • Pass the Hat Donations
  • Senior Celebration tickets
  • Practice SAT/ACT Tests
  • And more............ but you do need to create an account.

When you create an account, the only information we need is your name and email address and your JHS student name(s) and grade(s). And you will create a password, required to sign in. You may leave all other fields blank, if you like.

To become a valued JHS PTSA Member: after you create an account and sign in, select one of the Membership purchase choices. (Alternatively, complete this FORM and bring it to the JHS Main Office.)


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