Become a PTSA Member!

Support our JHS staff, students and families.

PTSA Membership includes:

• Membership in the Juanita High School PTSA, the Washington State PTA, and the National PTA.

• Participation in key decisions that affect the school, students, education, and well-being of all our kids.

• Monthly newsletters and discounts to local businesses.

Join online HERE or print this FORM and bring it in to us.

Together we can make a difference!

PTSA Memberships help us support programs and efforts of the Juanita High School PTSA.

Becoming a PTSA Member does not require you to volunteer or to come to PTSA Meetings. But we do encourage it.

Volunteer opportunities and PTSA meetings will be emailed in our monthly PTSA newsletter “The Town Crier”.

Here is what is the JHS PTSA Funded in  2017-2018.

Student-Staff-School Support:

$3,600.00 JHS & District (Council) Scholarships  
$6,800.00 JHS Department Allocations  
$750.00 Staff Appreciation (potlucks and treats for our JHS staff all year long!)
$1421.00 Emergency Prep  
$1,000.00 9th Grade Shakespeare Play
$1,330.00 Rebel Pride Campus Clean-Up
$1,500.00 Rebel Care (assistance for students in need)
$600.00 HSPE Testing Snacks (no food donations will be necessary)
$25.00 JHS Scholarship supplies
$200.00 National PTA Reflections Arts Contest
$300.00 Other Educational Grants 

Administrative Costs: 

$1,250.00 Regional & State PTA Conf./Trainings
$1,400.00 Administrative Fees & Office Supplies (Website, Financial software, mailings, etc.)
$465.00 PTSA Awards & Party
$400.00 President’s Discretionary
$500.00 Insurance
$400.00 Donation to LW Citizen’s Levy Committee
$200.00 LWPTSA Council Founder’s Day Luncheon
$10.00 Annual State Non-Profit Reporting Fees
$100.00 Bank Charges
$300.00 PayPal Transaction Charges
$125.00 LWPTSA Council Basket

Here is what the JHS PTSA purchased or helped to purchase in previous years: 

$20,000.00 JHS New Scoreboard 
$5,000.00 Grants to JHS School for requested needs from school and staff 
$2,500.00 College Scholarships ($500.00 each to five seniors) 
$800.00 Emergency Preparedness Supplies 
$530.00 Rebel Pride Campus Clean-up 
$1,000.00 Family support
$200.00 LWPTSA Council Scholarship; LWPTSA Council Basket 
$400.00 Training 
$250.00 National PTA Reflections Arts Contest