WSPTA Scholarship Program

Washington State PTA is offering four $2,500 scholarships to graduating seniors from Washington state public high schools with an active PTA, who will be starting either two-year or four-year college in the fall. Visit WSPTA's website for requirements and the application, due Feb. 15, 2024.


Senior Yearbook Information

To submit your senior portrait, please first click the link below. Click on “Choose Files” and browse to select the photo you wish to upload. Enter your information about the photo and provide contact information. Click “Upload Chosen Images.” Portrait Submission Link:

JHS Seniors may submit two quote choices for quotes to go with your senior portrait to the link below. We will pick one. Keep in mind, if the submitted quotes are not school appropriate OR easily understood (i.e. an inside joke) it will be pulled and you WILL NOT get to have a quote next to your portrait in the yearbook- think before you type! 
Quote submission link: HERE

To purchase a senior ad, please first click the link below. Navigate to Student Recognition Ads and create an account if you do not already have one. Choose your ad size and layout and then add your photos and text. 
Senior Ad Order Link:


Deadline: Dec. 8th, 2023

**Events and dates for 2024 Seniors will be available in the Spring of 2024.

  • Senior Prom: Saturday June 8, 2024 - This event is being organized by the Senior Cabinet.
  • Baccalaureate: Date and time TBD - Free. This is an unofficial event organized by Senior Parents.  Organizer is needed.
  • Senior Sunset: Date and time TBD- Organized by Senior Cabinet/ASB
  • Elementary School Senior March: Here are the dates and time for the Senior Marches at the various local feeder elementary schools:
    • Juanita Elementary: Date and time TBD
    • John Muir Elementary: Date and time TBD
    • Thoreau Elementary: Date and time TBD
    • Lakeview Elementary: Date and time TBD
    • AG Bell Elementary: Date and time TBD
    • Sandburg Elementary: Date and time TBD
    • Robert Frost Elementary: Date and time TBD
    • Helen Keller Elementary: Date and time TBD
  • Last Day of Class for Seniors: Date and time TBD
  • Senior Breakfast: Date and time TBD - Organized by JHS Teachers.
  • Graduation Rehearsal: Date and time TBD THIS EVENT IS MANDATORY! Graduation tickets will be passed out afterwards.
  • "Moving Up" Assembly: Date and time TBD
  • Senior Celebration: Date and time TBD This event is for JHS Seniors only. Organized by the PTSA. 
  • Graduation: June 24th 2024 (time TBD)- Graduation will be held at University of Washington, Alaska Arena

Below are explanations of some of the events and items that you might come across as you prepare for graduation:


Cap & Gown Orders – Early Fall  $$  Watch for email to order your cap and gown for graduation.  Contact the Dean or Students or your counselor if you need help with the cost for this.  If you don't want to keep your gown, donate back to JHS to help students for next year.

Senior Announcements - $$ Some students order professionally printed announcement cards, with or without their photo included.  These are given or mailed to friends and relatives as a way of announcing their graduation.  This is not required.

Senior Prom - $$  An evening dance with a band or DJ organized by the ASB Senior Cabinet.  Often held at a location in Seattle during May.  Purchase tickets through ASB.  Most students get dressed up in long evening gowns and suits/tuxedos.  Get together with friends and take pictures beforehand.  Some students also go to dinner before, and/or have a party after.
               PRO TIP: Watch for "promposals" where one student creates an elaborate sign, gift, display, or announcement as a way of proposing or asking another student to prom.

Baccalaureate - An optional non-school sponsored inspirational service open to all graduating seniors and their families. This is a student-lead service focused on honoring non denominal faith and inspiration and the soon to be graduates. 

Senior Breakfast - a breakfast at school put on by staff and volunteers.  Usually on the morning before graduation.

Senior Assembly - An at-school assembly of the senior class.  Usually following the Senior Breakfast.

Senior Celebration - Sponsored and organized by a Senior PTSA parent.