JHS PTSA Advocacy Resources



Elected Officials - state & local

Upcoming Election: November 7, 2023

  • Confirm or update your voter registration information today at VoteWA.gov. If you are registered to vote, your ballot is mailed automatically and there's no need to request one. View the Online Voters' Guide or the list of Candidates Who Filed.
  • Ballots will include: 
    • City of Kirkland Prop 1 (Levy Lid Lift for Expanded Aquatics, Recreation, and Parks Facilities, Operations, and Programs)
    • City of Kirkland Council position numbers 2, 4, and 6
    • Lake Washington School District Director position numbers 1, 2, and 5
    • Local offices and propositions may appear on your ballot, too, depending upon what's happening in your community.

Register to Vote - VoteWA.gov

  • Online and mail-in forms due by October 30th
  • Register in person up through election day

Washington State PTA (https://www.wastatepta.org/focus-areas/advocacy/)

National PTA also has advocacy resources: https://www.pta.org/home/advocacy

Lake Washington Citizens Levy Committee generally promotes LWSD bonds & levies. They do not appear to have an active website at this time, but they do have a new director.


2023-2024 WSPTA Legislative Platform


Top 5 Legislative Priorities (adopted October 2022)

  1. Addressing the Student Mental Health Crisis
  2. Addressing Critical Gaps in Education Funding
  3. Preventing & Reducing Gun Violence & Suicide
  4. Addressing, Funding, Inclusion and Supports in Special Education
  5. Building and Maintaining Safer School Facilities


Also Supported Positions


  1. Creating a Diverse and Effective Educator Workforce
  2. Expanding School Construction Funding Options
  3. Harnessing the Benefits of Mastery-based Learning
  4. Improving Equitable Identification and Access for Highly Capable Students
  5. Increasing Education Equity by Closing the Digital Divide
  6. Increasing Support for Equitable Family Engagement
  7. Mitigating the Adverse Impacts of Climate Change
  8. Supporting a Meaningful High School Diploma

During the odd-numbered years, members vote to amend current issues or to add new, emerging issues to the also supported list.