PTSA and the levels of commitment | Something for everyone!

One of the best parts of the PTSA at the High School level is we have a place for everyone. Your involvement should fit your capacity. Here is a breakdown of the different levels needed on a PTSA.

Supporter Level.

You love the PTSA but just don't have the capacity to spend time with us. We get it. At the most basic level, just join the PTSA. There is no commitment, and your membership dues are how we raise funds. This is a join, pay your dues, read the newsletter and if something comes up that you are interested, considering jumping in at the participant level. 
Time Commitment: 15-20 minutes total

Participant Level.

This is all of the supporter level but coming to our meetings. We hold General Membership meetings every other month at JHS in the commons. This is a good way to meet people and learn more about what your PTSA and administrators have coming up at the school. This is a 1-hour commitment, every other month on a Wednesday evening. This may spark your interest in moving up to the committee level.
Time Commitment: 1.5 hours, every other month

Committee Level.

This includes membership, and coming to as many meetings as possible but also allows you to find something that you are passionate about as it pertains to advocating for your student and the JHS community. A committee is usually a project-based role and often is not a yearlong commitment. You will also be working with other PTSA members in a joint effort. Our committee chairs include, Reflections, Membership, Legislative, Scholarships, Ravens pride campus beautification, Sustainability, Communications, DEI, and more. The exciting thing about all PTSA Chair, Committee and Board levels is that you can share the role with a friend.
Time Commitment: Depends on committee and ambition. 1+ hour a month year-round or 5+ hours a month, once a year.

Chair Level.

At the Chair level, you would take ownership (or co-ownership) of a project. This a specific project and need for an important role for our PTSA. We consider chairs, a year-round effort. Some chair positions have short time frames, and some require a bit more effort. The exciting thing about all PTSA Chair, Committee and Board levels is that you can share the role with a friend. Chairs include Fundraising, Staff Appreciation and Volunteer Coordinator. A Chair role is also a lead on a committee and responsible for its organization and success.
Time Commitment: Depends on committee and ambition. 1+ hour a month year-round or 5+ hours a month, once a year.

Board Level.

This is the elected role of the PTSA. Even within these roles there are different levels of commitment. The PTSA President is a pretty involved and active responsibility (approx. 5 hours a week). This can be what you make of it. The Vice President assists the President (approx. 2 hours per week) and presides over meetings when the President cannot. This role is defined by the President and Vice President for a harmonious partnership. Treasurer is for balancing our budget, anticipating expenses (approx. 1 hour a week). Our Treasurer AP is responsible for paying our bills (approx. 1 hour per month). Our secretary is responsible for meeting minutes, board and committee reports and maintaining our guidelines for our PTSA requirements (approx. 2 hours per month). 
These Board role commitments are more in depth and require some commitment but have a significant impact. These roles require patience, and perseverance and a love for community.


At Juanita High School we have three main organizations that work together to support and enrich all students. 

PTSA - Parent Teacher Student Association

BOOSTERS - Parent support for Athletics, Performing Arts and DECA Programs

ASB - Associated Student Body- Student leadership


JHS PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association)

  • Support the health, safety and education of all students, families and staff at Juanita High School through advocacy, volunteering and fundraising.
  • Fundraises with a Direct Donation drive and more (refer to menu on home page)
  • Parent run organization. Affiliated with Washington State PTA and National PTA, annual membership fee to join is $10 for JHS staff, $15 for an individual, $25 for a couple/dual membership.
  • 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation

Juanita High School ASB (Associated Student Body)

  • Student governed organization (elected officers, class cabinets and student senate), any student may join by purchasing ASB card $50.00 annual membership. Students who participate in a school club or sport must join ASB.
  • Supports school clubs, orchestra, choir, band, school assemblies and activities, sports, and bus transportation to and from away games.
  • Fundraises with sale of ASB student membership cards. Benefits of ASB card - free entrance to home sporting events, discounts at away games, discount to school plays, concerts and most dances, required to vote in ASB elections.
  • Class cabinets raise money to offset expenses of their senior prom.
  • 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation

Juanita Booster Club

A booster club is a group of individuals, typically composed of parents, alumni, teachers, and/or community members, who unite with a common goal: to elevate and empower a specific school program or activity.

  • Support students in performing arts and athletic programs.
  • Fundraising, program/group fundraising, and an all-activities Auction.
  • Parent run organization. Membership fee applies.
  • 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation