JHS PTSA Awards for 2024


Each year the JHS PTSA Awards Committee recognizes the outstanding contributions of members of JHS PTSA and our community for their service to our youth, school and community. 

JHS PTSA recognizes that it truly takes a village of individuals including students, staff and family and community volunteers. The JHS PTSA Awards Committee is proud to announce the following recipients of state and school PTA awards for 2024.


JHS Outstanding Staff Member of the Year Award:

  • JHS Equity Team: Terry Jess, Breck Ivy, Peggy Shay, Leia Deak, Natalie MacKnight, Samy Habib
  • Annemarie Smith (Band)
  • Breck Ivy (Dean of Students)
  • Kristie Villa (Special Education)
  • Alec Hinn (Athletics)



Washington State PTA Outstanding Student Advocate Award:

  • Madison Woo
  • Jeremy Suzuki



Washington State PTA Golden Acorn Award:

  • Diane Devlyne-Thompson
  • Jenn Koop


JHS PTSA Raven Spirit Award:

  • Joe Byrne
  • Ashleigh Hasslinger


JHS PTSA Outstanding Citizen Award:

  • Misty Green
  • Ryean-Marie Tuomisto
  • Julie Antilla-Garza


Congratulations to all our recipients! You Ravens soar above and beyond!

JHS PTSA Awards Committee

Congratulations to all of the 2024 award winners!






Golden Acorn Award

The Golden Acorn Award is presented to an individual who has given outstanding volunteer service to all students and has demonstrated commitment to helping them achieve their potential, beyond what is recognized as part of a person’s responsibilities, duties of office or job. 

Recommendations should document how an individual has met the following criteria:

1. PTSA service

2. Service to the school

3. Community- service

Past Recipients:

Susan Vossler
Lynette Apley
Kristen Dorwin

Michelle Hamburg

2023: PTSA Board and Committee Chairs

For a full list of past Golden Acorn Recipients, click here.


Juanita Raven Spirit Award

The Juanita Raven Spirit Award is given to a parent/guardian or staff member who has been exceptionally professional in his/her performance and personally supportive to Juanita staff, students, and the community. Recommendations should show how the nominee displays true Raven Spirit!

Past Recipients:

Rosa Cortes
Jennifer Hamilton
Lourdes Hernandez

Lynette Apley


Alice Wheeler, Jasper Adams, Peggy Shay and Samy Habib

 For a full list of past Raven Spirit Award Recipients, click here.


Juanita Outstanding Citizen Award

Juanita Outstanding Citizen Award is given to a parent/guardian or community member for continued and dedicated service at Juanita High School. In determining eligibility for this award, the person’s volunteer efforts should be considered in all areas of the school’s programs including PTSA and other activities.

Past Recipients:

Terri Gatts Dayton
Susan Baird-Joshi
Michelle Rocamora

Terri Gatts Dayton



Terri Gatts Dayton (for the second year in a row!)

For a full list of past Outstanding Citizen Award Recipients, click here.


Staff Member of the Year Award

The Staff Member of the Year Award is presented to the staff member who goes out of his or her way, beyond regular duties to help all students at Juanita through educational support.

Past Recipients:


Steve Bennett (Social Studies)
Ben Hullinger (Math)
Leslie Campos (English)
Greg Shelton (CTE)



Natalie MacKnight (WL), David Friedman (Math), Travis Salmi (Leadership) and Terry Jess (Admin)

 For a full list of past Staff Member of the Year Award Recipients, click here.


Outstanding Student Advocate Award

The Outstanding Student Advocate Award recognizes and honors a student for advocacy, leadership, and service on behalf of all children and youth.

Past Recipients:

Holland Hurley
Rachel Vannoy

Thandi Dayton (Equity and Inclusion)


Evan Kurtz (Student Advocacy)

For a full list of past Outstanding Student Advocate Award Recipients, click here.