Juanita High School Class of 2023 will be graduating at the Alaska Airlines Arena at the University of Washington's Seattle campus on Thursday, June 15th at 6:30 pm. for more information, please see the official graduation page on the JHS School website.

This page will be updated in the spring, much closer to graduation.

Below are some of the events you might hear about....


Cap & Gown Orders – December.  $$  Watch for email to order your cap and gown for graduation.  Contact the Dean or Students or your counselor if you need help with the cost for this.  If you don't want to keep your gown, donate back to JHS to help students for next year.

Senior Announcements - $$ Some students order professionally printed announcement cards, with or without their photo included.  These are given or mailed to friends and relatives as a way of announcing their graduation.  This is not required.

Senior Prom - $$  An evening dance with a band or DJ organized by the ASB Senior Cabinet.  Often held at a location in Seattle during May.  Purchase tickets through ASB.  Most students get dressed up in long evening gowns and suits/tuxedos.  Get together with friends and take pictures beforehand.  Some students also go to dinner before, and/or have a party after.
               PRO TIP: Watch for "promposals" where one student creates an elaborate sign, gift, display, or announcement as a way of proposing or asking another student to prom.

Baccalaureate - An optional non-school sponsored faith-based service open to all graduating seniors and their families. This is a student-lead service focused on honoring faith and the soon to be graduates. 

Senior Breakfast - a breakfast at school put on by staff and volunteers.  Usually on the last Friday or during the last week of school.

Senior Assembly - An at-school assembly of the senior class.  Usually following the Senior Breakfast.

Senior Celebration/Grad Night - see our info about the PTSA sponsored Class of 2022 Senior Celebration here: https://jhsptsa.com/Page/Senior%20Celebration/Senior%20Celebration