There is a LOT that happens in your senior year.  It's hard to keep track or know what everything means.

Here are some buzzwords and events that might happen during your senior year!

This list is not a guarantee or confirmation.  As always, it’s dependent on funding, parent coordination, school approval, and student interest.  (items below requiring money are listed with $$)
To help or support any of these, please contact Juanita Ravens ASB … or Juanita PTSA.

Senior SunriseSeptember.  Seniors gather on the athletic field one morning before the first day of school in fall to hang out together.  Coffee, donuts, etc.

Senior Prom - $$  An evening dance with a band or DJ organized by the ASB Senior Cabinet.  Often held at a location in Seattle during May.  Purchase tickets through ASB.  Most students get dressed up in long evening gowns and suits/tuxedos.  Get together with friends and take pictures beforehand.  Some students also go to dinner before, and/or have a party after.
               PRO TIP: Watch for "promposals" where one student creates an elaborate sign, gift, display, or announcement as a way of proposing or asking another student to prom.

Senior SunsetJune.  Same as senior sunrise but in the evening.  Usually the last Thursday or Friday before graduation.

Senior PicturesDecember$$  For the yearbook, seniors may submit a professional photo for their yearbook picture.  Watch for email requesting you submit online during the first week of December.
Yearbook - Juanita High (

Many students have the photographer take additional pictures at the same time, sometime with a few wardrobe changes, showing off their favorite sport, or at unique backdrop locations. 
This is completely optional.  Students may use the standard photo taken by the school for ID cards as their senior picture.
               PRO TIP:  Schedule with a pro photographer for August or September before you get too busy, the weather gets worse, or you lose sunlight late in the day when you’re likely to be available.

Senior QuoteDecember.  A short paragraph or quote that you can submit to the yearbook.  Often contains memories or nod to friends and events.  You’ll receive a prompt email from yearbook to submit this quote.

Baby pictures and Family QuotesDecember$$  Parents may pay to submit a baby picture of their senior to the yearbook as a way of looking back and honoring their growth.  Often accompanied by a quote of support and congrats from the family to the senior.

College AppsFall. $$ differ from school to school.   Almost all applications will “open” or become available in the summer and then have deadlines between October and January.  Although applying to a number of schools can be a good idea for options, applications are roughly $60-90 each so choose wisely.
               *Common App and Coalition App – these are “clearinghouse” applications.  You fill in your personal data one time and then can check the schools you want to receive the app.  Many schools have an additional special essay section that you fill out, per school.  For the schools you are interested in, find out which application they use. 
               *University of California system has their own UC application.  You fill this out once and choose the UC schools you want it sent to.   Same thing for the California State system.

Teacher RecsEnd of 11th grade.  some applications request recommendations from a teacher or advisor.  It’s a good idea to approach a teacher in the spring of your Junior year to ask if they are willing to write one for you.  Especially while your work is fresh in their mind.  At least give them a heads up so when you ask in the fall, they will be invested in your application.

Transcripts – college applications will ask for your school transcript – or list of classes taken.  You can send an “unofficial” one by typing in your class list.  But you may need to request an official transcript from the JHS office.  Contact the Counseling and Career Center with questions.

SAT and AP testingJunior and Senior year$$  Many universities have waived or fully refused SAT or ACT scores on applications.   But for those that still take the scores, you’ll need to finish standardized testing by October of Senior year since you want to have the scores for your college applications.
AP tests – which are specific to a class – are taken in the spring of the year that you had that AP class.  Talk with your teacher about these subject specific tests.
               PRO TIP: Students on Free and Reduced Lunch can have these test fees waived.  Contact the Dean of Students with questions.

FAFSAOctober.  Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  This is a single financial aid application that gets submitted to colleges you apply to.  It provides the info needed for each college or university to determine what financial aid they can offer you… including grants, scholarships, work studies, loans.
Beware of false application sites or companies offering to fill it out for you for a fee.   You can do it yourself at no charge.
The official federal site is

WUE – Western Undergraduate Exchange. An agreement among 16 states and territories, with 160+ participating public colleges and universities.  Through WUE, eligible students can choose from hundreds of undergraduate programs outside their home state, and pay no more than 150% of that institution’s resident tuition rate. 
So a student from Washington can attend Oregon State University for no more than 1 ½ times IN-STATE tuition.

Sports Senior Nights – Most sport teams at JHS will have a “senior night” at the last home game.  Seniors are honored in whatever way the team and booster parents arrange.   Coordinate with coaches and Athletic Director.


Cap & Gown Orders – December.  $$  Watch for email to order your cap and gown for graduation.  Contact the Dean or Students or your counselor if you need help with the cost for this.  If you don't want to keep your gown, donate back to JHS to help students for next year.

Senior Announcements - $$ Some students order professionally printed announcement cards, with or without their photo included.  These are given or mailed to friends and relatives as a way of announcing their graduation.  This is not required.

Baccalaureate - An optional non-school sponsored faith-based service open to all graduating seniors and their families. This is a student-lead service focused on honoring faith and the soon to be graduates. 

Senior Breakfast - a breakfast at school put on by staff and volunteers.  Usually on the last Friday or during the last week of school.

Senior Assembly - An at-school assembly of the senior class.  Usually following the Senior Breakfast.

Senior Celebration/Grad Night - see our info about the PTSA sponsored Senior Celebration here: